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IACE Travel

Established in New York in 1970, IACE Travel is dedicated to creating heartfelt journeys, placing our customers' needs at the forefront of everything we do. With our motto "Creating heartfelt journeys," we prioritize the success of your business, memorable travel experiences, and foster comprehensive understanding through cultural exchange. Our mission is to contribute to society by providing unwavering support in these endeavors.

  • Business & Leisure Travel Arrangements

  • Implementation of Online Booking Systems

  • In-House Agent Deployment

  • Private Jet Arrangements

  • PR / Advertising Distribution for IACE Travel Customers


Our experienced team offers total support for successful events, including conferences, exhibitions, and academic meetings. From venue research to program planning, attendee registration, and travel arrangements, we provide optimal solutions to maximize effectiveness and meet our clients' vision and goals.

  • Planning and Venue Selection

  • Online Event Hosting and Management

  • Venue Coordination and Material Management

  • Venue Operation and Travel Arrangements



Creating heartfelt journeys with utmost sincerity

Municipal Japanese Government Bureau Sales Representative

With over 50 years of business experience in the United States and an extensive network of sales offices throughout the country, we provide comprehensive support for inbound Japanese tourism promotion in the U.S., including operations and sales office establishment

  • Inbound Tourism Promotion, Online Tours

  • Media Strategy, Market Research

  • Sales Representative

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