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Sale Branding
PR Planning

With an extensive network spanning Japan and the United States and media networks across the globe, we capitalize on these connections to offer a wide array of services, From planning and devising PR opportunities derived from thorough research to providing one-stop solutions for production and operations tailored to your business and products.

  • Press release creation

  • Media selection / pitching

  • Media / Press events

  • Media coverage monitoring and clipping

Event planning and management

We specialize in managing diverse overseas events, catering to various stakeholders. From venue selection and concept development to seamless execution, we provide total support, including challenging venue coordination, design, and post-event evaluations. We also excel in organizing cross-border online events, seminars, and artist concerts to meet increasing demand.

  • Event planning and venue selection

  • Online event hosting and management

  • Venue coordination and material management

  • Audience attraction and promotion

  • Survey creation and feedback collection

  • Post-event evaluation and reporting



Leveraging 50 years of extensive experience in international business and a vast network built through these endeavors, we provide comprehensive support for promotions and event management in both Japan and the United States. Our multidimensional approach incorporates a wide array of tools to offer tailored proposals and solutions.

Exhibition Support and Management

We offer comprehensive support for U.S. trade show exhibitions. Our services cover everything from coordinating with organizers and venue selection to captivating booth design, on-site management, post-event surveys, and efficient teardown. With our professional attention to detail, we ensure a successful and seamless exhibition experience.

  • U.S. trade show booth registration and application

  • Booth design, planning, and management

  • Booth promotion to attract visitors

  • Creation of on-site operations manual

  • Post-event evaluation surveys with reporting

  • Handling booth setup and teardown logistics

Digital Promotion

The rise of internet and smartphones has shifted many aspects of life online, making digital promotion more critical than ever. We excel in strategizing and managing promotions across various platforms, including display ads, Facebook/Instagram, and B2B-focused LinkedIn ads, tailored to each product or service.

  • Comprehensive strategy development

  • Creative content creation

  • Design production

  • Ad placement

  • Effectiveness evaluation and reporting

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