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Cross Border Consulting

As your on-ground team, we provide diverse support services, ranging from market entry preparation to business model formulation and transactions with overseas companies. With our assistance, you can benefit from sales representation, market expansion, local subsidiary establishment, visa support, and expert consulting. Let us be your trusted partners in unlocking your global potential.

  • Japan-America Business Expansion and Sales Support

  • Branding Proposals / Consulting

  • Promotion Proposals (Exhibitions, Digital Promotion)

  • Local Agency Strategy Formulation and Matching

  • Local Market Sales Representation

Sales Outsourcing

To expand business into overseas markets, there are crucial stages such as market research and customer development. We offer an optimal on-site inspection support plan to address challenges like cultural differences, diverse business models, and time constraints. Our aim is to assist you in exploring new business opportunities and achieving success in foreign markets. Let us be your partner in overcoming obstacles and thriving in the global market.

  • Selection of Companies / Businesses

  • Business Appointments / Meetings

  • Inspection Visit Attendance




Leverage our bilingual Japanese-English staff based on-site as your sales hub and back-office support to accelerate and streamline your business expansion across borders.

Marketing Research and Analysis

We provide diverse marketing research services, including quantitative surveys with questionnaire design and response collection, as well as qualitative methods like in-depth interviews and group discussions. Our culturally knowledgeable marketers conduct analysis and reporting, offering proposals for impactful strategies in overseas markets, such as effective campaign planning and venue selection to enhance appeal and effectiveness.

  • Online questionnaire

  • Group interview

  • In-depth interview

  • Quantitative/qualitative data analysis

  • Secondary data analysis

  • Reporting

Virtual Office

Our Virtual Office Services allow you to acquire essential business information, such as addresses and phone numbers, necessary for expanding your operations in the United States, all without the need to establish a physical office. With 17 locations spread throughout the country, we offer comprehensive services that include company address registration, mail handling, and even support for utilizing our facilities as overseas branches.

  • US Address and Phone Number Rental

  • Package Storage, Document Scanning, Mail Forwarding

  • Package Receiving and Delivery etc

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